Feeling Good About A Global Vision

Cultures Illuminating Pure Joy, Profoundly Related
April 20, 2008, 4:09 am
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We live in a world which all of the experience of life occurs and it is magical and harbors a vast array of cultures at play.

Imagine in the heartland of any culture for a moment. If you listen closely as a spirit can, there is laughter there is sorrow, there are the joyous emotions experienced over a child being born. It matters not where that child is entering the world. There are boys and girls falling in love. There are songs of joy everywhere.

See the foods around the globe and people of every conceivable cultures relishing the smells and tastes of the fine foods.

There are scientists and brilliant philosophers and doctors and teachers studying and working together, thrilled upon new discoveries.

You can go to global conferences on almost any subject matter, be it literature, mathematics, medicine, science, art and you will find people of every culture expressing their joy for the profound relationship between one human being and the next.

Man and women are not limited by the boundaries of self imposed ideas when it comes to love.

The common sense that all people are profound and that each human being is alive by the force of nature far greater than any one individual.

There has always been a deep and profound relatedness felt for the mother or father who has lost a child, no matter the culture, religion, whether rich or poor. Each culture is no more a than a sparkling field of love which shines brightly with joy for all to experience.

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We Are Humanity Powerfully Living, Loving Life.
April 9, 2008, 2:49 am
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The truth about our nature is, it is so whether we are aware of it or not. Like gravity, you don’t have to be aware of how gravity works for it to have the universal affect it has on, well, everything.


What is wanted by you was known by you prior to the formulation of the thought. Thought is recognition, something which happened a moment ago.


Everything desired by you is in the formless domain as potential energy.

Have you ever said I wish all the problems in the world would go away?

All thoughts are energy in the form of electrical patterns in the brain and nervous system. All thoughts arise out of one of two polarities. One from the current “feeling and emotions” you experience when you look out at what you are perceiving and see something you want and don’t have; or something you do have and do not want.

Whichever of these places you hold your attention; it formulates the energy given by you via the attention you provide it.

We have a propensity to look for what we want by looking for what we don’t have in order to know what we want rather than looking for what we want by looking for what we have created.

If for instance you say “I wish I had my own business” and you realized that that desire came from a place where words are not already formulated, you could realize that what you asked for, in that moment existed as pure energy, formulating into words which you spoke.

The moment you perceive that the appearance of that which you desire is not present, you assume it is not. Yet no one has any problem with understanding that the moment 5 seconds from now is not present yet either. It is formulating out of what you are expecting. You get what you are expecting to get.

Because it is a “looking for” and “asking for”.

You can look for the evidence of that which you desire. And you will see bits of the evidence for what you desire coming into existence if you do your best to get present to the feelings and emotions that are in harmony, that are a matching vibration for that which you desire.

What you want is ALWAYS a feeling, an emotion first. Always, always, always. Don’t gloss over this statement. Be a scientist about it. Check it out first. See if indeed the statement is true first. If you can not then why are you reading this?

Activists know they want something, it’s in their actions, it’s in what they do. What’s in your life is a perfect match with what you have been asking for.

Don’t have it be your unconscious intention to prove this statement false. That’s easy.

Edison and Galileo faced enormous opposition to what was true, and….as you do it will change everything too. Lack of awareness is the only problem we have. There is something, that if known, would solve the dilemma at hand.

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Cradled In the Universal Heart and Spirit
April 2, 2008, 6:21 am
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There is a Divine self in every conscious human being. At the heart of each of us is a life force so loving and divine as it only sees us for who we truly are. We are conscious beings mostly aware of our invented self, that invented identity we have come we know our selves’ be.Despite the miss-recognition for who we have become as an identity we are nevertheless, the Universal Heart and Spirit out of which all life emerges.

We wish for the bad situations that come our way to be better and we wish for the world we live, to be a more accommodating one. This we also wish for everyone.

The invented identity and that divine self, when a vibration match, experiences the joy and blissful living of life. Conflict arises when we lose touch with tour core loving self, and we do this only when we have lost sight of the Divine self we are.

We begin to heal the world in which we live, by enjoying life to the fullest. We have grown a habit of doing that which gives conflicting results.

We will never be able to hate the “evil” doers long enough and hard enough to create them more loveable. You will never be able to grow yourself a more loving capable self by focusing on your inabilities and shortcomings. We grow what we give water and nourishment to. Giving attention to a thing, is the watering of it, and it grows and expands. By giving attention to the Universal Heart and Spirit we experience being cradled in a more secure and abundant world, we experience love and freedom and limitlessness. It only takes the sustained focus upon that which

is desired.

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A Global Vision for Humanity Exists
March 27, 2008, 3:43 am
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Everyday more and more people are giving their attention to a world of joyful feelings. At the morning coffee station, fewer people are injecting conversations which beg the focus of ones attention on the ills of the world, their government failings or the “bad” things in the news. This is a wonderful thing, as people are left to feel the good feelings all the wonderful and amazing sensations around them.
The feelings of anger, sadness and despair need not be so much a part of the daily experience. If it feels good, enjoy it, if it doesn’t just release it. There are infinitely more joyful occurrences in the world each moment of the day which are awe inspiring, emotionally joyful and sensually pleasing though you would think by all accounts, we are in ruinous times. We are not.
Focusing on the “negative” appearances uncovers those unwanted emotions breeding more of the same. Emotions bursts into the thoughts we have and continue to spark in their emotional vibration. There is much in the world, far more than could ever be imagined, that brings joy to our hearts and it is a by product of our deliberate intention to feel it in our presence. No amount of anger will ever produce the experience of love and joy. No amount of hate for any individual will ever cause them to be lovable or caring. The focus on the experience of hate will only make you a hateful person.
There are hundreds of books on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Perhaps the source communicator on this topic is provided by Jerry and Esther Hicks. Like gravity, the Law of Attraction simply is. We don’t refer to gravity as a law, we don’t have any doubt about it, we play by its rules and there are no deviations from it and we have come to live in harmony with it. The most powerful and richest among us has no leverage over it and there is no enforcement of the law required. Everyone can learn to use it as they wish.
The Law of Attraction on the other hand, a far more senior law, is a law for all creative principles, including gravity. Though it is as precise a law, we call it a law because few realize the nature of its workings. We have come to a time in our history as a human identity where both the scientific and the spiritual worlds are speaking to the same truths. Because of the increasing awareness of the Law of Attraction, we are able to see that all is well and moving towards a world in which all people can live a joyful and satisfying life. Whether that be 50 or a 100 years from now, we are all beginning in one way or another to allow for this deeply seated human desire. The understanding and awareness of the nature of this law gives everyone an equal advantage, each has the same starting point. And there are those who have begun to grasp the power inherent in knowing that what you give attention to shows up in the appearance of life. The focus of attention man has projected for ions has brought us to the place we are today.
This site “Feeling Good About A Global Vision” was born out of the awareness that thousands of groups and organizations and millions upon millions of individuals across the globe have been working towards the fulfillment of a desire to see a world in which all people are happy. Because of the understanding of the Law of Attraction, leading thinkers now see that the individual’s desire to be happy and joyful simply requires that one aims as choosing to opt for happiness and joy in ones own life. That attention given to the plight of others does not serve them in any way. Rather, by looking at the joy and fulfillment others seek and placing attention there is a thousand fold more beneficial. And now we are beginning to understand how that is occurring. These are truly exciting times.
In the Global Vision Wall Hanging, or pictured as shown above we can be empowered to learn not fight for that which seems contrary to the vision, but instead to give more attention to the experience of emotions these ideas are a match. This Blog Site will attempt to shed some light showing that the emotions you harbor, give you the thoughts entertain, and therefore the appearance of your life. Abstract at first, perhaps, but with some trust you will begin to see that life has occurred as such, and always. These possibilities are staggering both at the level of your daily living as well as in the global wishes of mankind.
Our power is in our capacity to focus. What we focus upon will only grow. In growing an environment which breeds beauty and love, pleasure and imagination, joy and passion, we create a field where ecstasy is the residue of all our action.
It is your life, your world, your choice to make it as you wish by the deliberate choice to shine light on that which will make you happy.
May all your dreams and endeavors come to pass and may the joy of the journey be your reason for living.